This world first multimedia interactive installation for the Museum of Copenhagen has won multiple international awards.

Væggen (Danish for "Wall") is a giant mobile interactive kiosk built into a 40-foot shipping container. It is designed to give people on the street direct and playful access to their museum’s collections.

With a simple touch of a finger users are able to intuitively explore the city’s past and present via a 3D mind-map created from thousands of images and videos from the historical collections of the museum. Increasingly, contemporary additions to the collections are included from users who add their own images directly at the Wall or via the associated web portal.

The installation has been open for five years and has attracted over 1,350,000 visitors and eleven million image views. Users have contributed 7,733 images to a total database of 22,000, sent 168,000 virtual postcards and made over 9,000 comments.