We supply an integrated set of software modules that build and manage your content and display it on touch walls in a real time 3D interface with customizable functionality, all managed from your desktop.



An easy to use Content Management System that allows you to develop, create and manage visual assets and their metadata in a single environment from your desktop.  
We also provide a public facing website to promote and crowd source even more visual content and stories, all managed from the same CMS. 

GibsonWalls come with a suite of widgets that allow customized functionality to be introduced onto the interface to meet your requirements. Offering engaging ways for users to “open” any image in the 3D landscape artwork and drill-down for more information, or filter for related images. Other options include emailing selfie postcards embedded into the landscape, recording video and text comments via pop-up keyboards and connecting to social media streams and campaign promotions.

Media is pulled directly from your constantly updating database and rendered on the fly into a 3D graphical world displayed on multiple screens at one time.


Unique to GibsonWalls is the ability to build the 3D interface within the application itself, giving graphic artists a lean and rapid workflow to create the primary interface, which they can then test in real time. It also allows images in the 3D interface to be changed out or added quickly over the lifetime of the experience at low cost.

We can create touch walls that respond instantly to 32+ simultaneous touches tracked by an integrated touch system for screen displays up to 40 feet long. This allows high capacity audiences to get near and share in the action at the same time. Screen modules can be added to create walls as big as you want. 

Even with mobile units traveling around your community, you can automatically synchronize all databases. This means user inputs on one wall appear within seconds on the website and all your other walls, wherever they are in the world. 




Custom designed to your needs with flexibility in mind. You can scale any hardware solution and choose multiple hardware options that all share the same digital interface and software platform.

Big, bold and high impact, this large-scale continuous touch screen is perfect for lobby and welcome areas. Built into your existing building structure – exterior or interior – to any scale you want. 


A versatile and expandable touring platform integrated onto a truck chassis, this is a highly maneuverable and flexible option. Great for events and regional touring.

This is a single screen experience that can fit in a van and be wheeled through a normal doorway. Ideal for outreach to schools, libraries, branch offices and trade shows.


A robust display platform using a customized shipping container that is easily re-locatable by truck. Ideal for semi-permanent, high foot traffic locations such as malls and urban renewal areas.




We come to you and work alongside you to make your project a success from day one, and then provide twelve months' support after opening. 

We work side by side with you to develop a customized experience to fit your needs, helping you with content curation, aesthetics, digital functionality and making an experience that specifically meets your operational and physical requirements.

Kick-start collection

Start ingesting your visual assets and metadata from day 1 with a user-friendly Content Management System available immediately on a password controlled web portal.

Engage your community
Crowd source even more content by encouraging your community to add their images and stories via a customized website that we provide.

Grow database
As you and your community ingest and upload more and more data, we work with you to structure it to suit your organization, your stories and audience needs. Within a short period, the GibsonWalls CMS builds into a fully featured relational database.

Build primary user interface
The unique GibsonWalls 3D landscape artwork is then created using our proprietary 3D Graphic Editor, pulling identified imagery directly from your database so artists can craft them into an endless 3D collage world.

Introduce functionality
Using the widget toolbox, we then add the digital functions that you require for the experience. Each interactive button and display is customized to the aesthetic look and feel designed for the experience.

Component configuration for each experience is unique, but standardized processes and products allow each project to be designed and assembled with ease and speed.

We work with you to design the physical touchscreen mount and housings to specifically fit your requirements. This includes designing the AV/IT architecture and specifying the power and data requirements, so you have a complete fit-for-purpose package.

We always endeavour to work in partnership with local installers and hardware component suppliers to support the local economy and ensure you have local technical support and appropriate hardware warranties for the lifespan of the experience.

During installation and commissioning we are right there, always on the ground supervising the build to ensure a quality outcome and successful launch.

We provide comprehensive support and training, and tools for day-to-day operations.

Data on visitor interactions updated daily, keeping you in touch with your audience.

Systems check state and health every second and send auto alerts to technicians in the rare event of malfunctions while at the same time triggering self-healing programs.

Show control
Desktop show control allows you to control displays from anywhere and automate your daily operations.

12-month warranty and support is included in the price.